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LuminAID lanterns are solar-powered, ultralight and sustainable. Highly durable and rechargeable on-the-go, these lanterns inflate to diffuse powerful LED light with an elegant and waterproof design. Originally designed by two students to provide safety and comfort to victims of natural disasters, LuminAID lanterns are popular with campers, hikers, preppers, and techies around the world. The 2017 Pack Line by LuminAID features an all new line-up of high-powered solar lights based on LuminAID’s patented technology.

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  • LuminAID – PackLite Halo

    LuminAID – PackLite Halo

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    LuminAID – PackLite Nova

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    LuminAID – PackLite Spectra

  • LuminAID - PackLite Max - USB Rechargable

    LuminAID – PackLite Max